Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod APK 1.8.2 (Unlimited money)

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod APK 1.8.2 (Unlimited money)
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Download Animal Revolt Battle Simulator – Epic Strategy Game

There are many fantastic strategy games Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod available today that you might enjoy. Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, on the other hand, is a funny battle and epic between various ragdoll animals that you can download now.

This game is simple: Place rival troops consisting of various kinds of monsters on the battlefield and witness them to tear each other in epic battles! There are more than 70 different species to choose from. Every two weeks, the newly added. Dinosaurs, fantastic creatures, mutant primates, and devil monsters, you call everything.


You can not only make funny battles with this game Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod, but you can also build your monster with a generator unit. Customization of your monster with your heart content. This is your monster, so do your way! Isn’t that amazing? In addition, you can join the battle in the fashion of the first person and attack a team that is opposite as hard as possible!

Build Your Strong Unit

There are various fantastic strategy games available to play now in your leisure time. There are many strategy games that you can download for free and play now. There are some interesting games available today that will test your strategic abilities.


You will have fun now with all the games where you can build a great unit and enjoy yourself. You will have fun against enemy forces in the animal rebellion battle simulator. You will have the construction of explosions, adjust, develop strategies, and control your units.

This game will test you by pitting your sheep against stronger soldiers who have a better plan than you. You can choose from various characters, each with a series of skills and weaknesses yourself.

The spotlight of the animal rebellion battle simulator

Funny Game Strategy – This is not your typical strategy game; Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod It has a unique twist because it unites traditional characters such as dinosaurs and current characters like fantastic creatures.


You will be in charge of positioning a hero wherever you choose in battle. Then they will fight the enemy themselves. This game allows you to be involved in a fun strategy where you can freely choose the best soldiers to use at certain times and locations.

The winner of the game is the person who has the most effective strategy! Remember that having large and expensive troops does not ensure victory. Use your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each unit to help you win.

Customization of your monster – In the Simulator of Animal Rebellion Battles, you can make your monsters to be used against enemies. Different body parts and weapons can be combined.

You can even arm dinosaurs with large cannons, rocket launchers, and cross bows and watch it cause destruction. You can even use as many body parts and weapons as you like and put them anywhere you want!

Physics-based graphics of extinct animals and fairy tales by traveling again through time. You can also make your fantasy come true by meeting unique monsters that show their abilities.

When you watch the fighting characters and watching their legs flexible, twist neck, body played, and blood splashed everywhere, this game will definitely please you!

Simple Control – Control in the Simulator of Animal Rebellion Battles is logical and direct, and the gameplay is smooth and attractive.

In addition, he uses so many racks that every battle is unique, even if you turn the same re -rotate. As a result, it has a high replication.

One vs. one tournament – apart from three different play modes, you can also participate in one match against one match where your tactical talent will be tested against one opponent.

Play online and the dominance of The Leadeboards – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is an online game where you compete with the opponent of real time. Make a tactic and do a ranking board to get additional prizes!

New Character Every Week – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod Practical Characters Every Week, so you can find characters that far beyond your worse dreams.


The new unit issued will be in accordance with your taste depending on the event for a particular month. Headless Hulk is a new addition to Infernals for Halloween, and new biomes with new animals will be added to Christmas. Isn’t that amazing?

Download Animals Battle Simulator Mod Apk – Unlimited Money + Unlimited Lock Everything

If you are looking for a challenging game Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod APK Unlimited money 1.0 9 to test your strategic abilities, download the animal rebellion battle simulator now and enjoy!

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