Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod APK 1.38.3 (Unlimited money)

Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod APK 1.38.3 (Unlimited money)
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Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod APK 1.38.3 (Unlimited money)

Soccer simulation games Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod APK for android are very available, especially on mobile phones. However, it is still very difficult to find one that helps you focus on the destination kick and keep the goalpost. The days are over! Download the free Football Strike apk and enjoy simple gameplay centered on the most important aspects of football.


This game also allows you to play as a goalkeeper in a soccer SIM with a very realistic graphics. The gameplay is very easy without sacrificing pleasure and excitement. Football Strike APK will not interfere with you with complicated mechanics because it describes a clear goal for you. New obstacles will be revealed when you increase new challenges for you!

You also have to look forward to the graphics and sound effects of this game. Animated Android Strike Soccer is very detailed with great colors but still very responsive.

You may not be a fan of background music that keeps playing, and it’s okay. However, believe me, you want to let the sound effect settings because they are also very realistic. It just adds another layer of excitement!

Simple but fast moving gameplay

The problem with a soccer SIM is that they usually have gameplay and requirements that are too complicated before you can level up. You finally get bored and give up, but it won’t happen here. You will find yourself to level up in a perfect pacing because every match will not require much time. The fast -paced nature of the game Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod only makes it more thrilling.

The goal and goalkeeper kick is the core of the whole game Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod, but each game Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod mod android mode is designed with different mechanics and offers a different purpose for you. When you download the latest version of Football Strike APK, you might spend most of time playing two main game modes. This mode is:

Shooting Racing – You will be paired with other players and the main goal is to get a higher score at the end of the match. You will start with 45 seconds at the hour, but there will be an additional 5 seconds at each level you open.

You must reach the target placed in a particular area of ​​the goalpost. A higher level has additional challenges, for example, the target will start moving at level 2. Press the target that you mean before your opponent does it so that you will be the person who gets its core. The angle of your appearance and distance from the goalpost will automatically change after each score is made.


Free kick – here, you will get the whole experience of a penalty kick. That means you become a striker and goalkeeper. This is in PVP format too, so you and your opponents will take turns kicking the ball and blocking. Each level has a specific goal, and the player who gets the closest to completing it will win. A higher level also opens more difficult challenges.

Realistic 3D graphics and interesting sound effects

There are so many thoughts that are included in the graphics and details of the avatar, ball, uniform, goalpost, stadium and environment, and even the audience in the background. The animation is also in 3D!

The sound effect of the game is also very realistic to give you a feeling of being really in the stadium. You will see this when you kick the ball, jump for defense, and clap and cheer the audience. It only makes the game more thrilling and the penalty kicks more interesting!

Game control that is easy to learn

You will like the fact that there are very few controls to learn here, which is perfect for games that develop quickly. When scoring goals, you have to swipe starting from the ball and to the target you choose on the goalpost. You will need the right time depending on the game Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod for ios mode you play (see the game tips below).

To maintain goals, you will only swipe where the ball goes. The goalkeeper is more challenging here and one -one way to do it is to swipe correctly and quickly immediately after the opponent kicks the ball, you must be intuitive about the direction to be taken by the striker or you will also take it or you will also be or you will be or you will become or you will become or you will become or you will become or you will become or you will become or you will become or you will become or you will become or you will become or you will become Or you you will take or you will be or you will be or you will take or you will be or you are late.

Option of customization for skills and appearance

There are three main customization options in the game Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod: your player statistics (firing power, shot accuracy, shot curve, and goalkeeper); ball design and statistics; And your kit, aka appearance, hairstyle, and your avatar uniform. This access is through a special customization button at the bottom of the game Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod unlimited money homepage page.

The Kit Customization option should be noted in the football strikes – multiplememain soccer. You can choose to play as a man or woman. However, you will choose from a variety of facial appearances and free hairstyles. Facial hair is also available for male avatars.

Of course, you can change clothes but you have to win this uniform or get it through an elite bag. Elite bags are locked in the store. You can buy it in cash in a soccer match that you can get through the collection of achievements, by leveling up, or by paying for real money.


Tips for better opportunities to win

Yes, the main premise of this game Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod is simple but the way to level up can be very complicated. Before you plunge into the game Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod, pay attention to these important tips to experience soccer strikes in the best way.

When to kick slowly and quickly: In shooting racing, accuracy is more important than speed because you have a specific target. However, in a free kick, all goalposts are yours to take a faster kick recommended – the faster you hit the ball, the more difficult it is to survive.

Target orange spots: Every time there is a target in the match, you will see that there are orange spots at the post. They are often found in the middle of the rotation target and the top corner of the goalpost. This gives more points when beaten. When the rotation target starts to move at a higher level, the orange angle target remains silent. This makes it a much better area to be targeted.

Increase your Avatar and Statistics of your ball: This is one of the smartest movements you can take at Football Strike Apk. Remember the four statistics mentioned above? They make your character a better player. Your kick will be faster (therefore, difficult to maintain), more accurate, and you will have better defensive skills.


The only way to increase your avatar and ball statistics is to collect cards. You can randomly get this from the booty bag. To get it for sure, you have to buy enough money in the game Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer Mod (with real money) for elite bags.

MOD MOD Soccer Jogging – Unlimited Money

Don’t be discouraged if the best feature is locked behind Paywall – There is a free download of Football Strike Mod Apk that will give you always goal, easy luck ball. Now, nothing can stop you from improving your football skills!

What's new update

• Don’t mind a little sand and step into the Summer Stadium to master the Beach Soccer Season! Play matches for points and collect Multiple Prizes and Exclusive Rewards!
• The Summer vibes continue with the Beach Soccer Cup, featuring a VIP Pass that grants you Valuable Prizes and an Exclusive Jersey!
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