Manok Na Pula Mod APK 6.2 (Unlimited money and eye)

Manok Na Pula Mod APK 6.2 (Unlimited money and eye)
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Manok Na Pula Mod APK 6.2 (Unlimited money and eye)

Do you like betting games Manok Na Pula Mod (Unlimited money and eye)? Of course, you can go to the casino today and bet on several poker, blackjack or other casino games. But it is all risky because it involves real money and they are also not available to everyone. So, if you like betting and you like chicken, then there is only one game to play – Manok Na Pula. This chicken betting game allows you to unlock many types of chickens today to fight online players!


This game is a parody of a rampant popular chicken betting game in various parts of Asia, especially the Philippines. Here, you bet on a chicken that will fight the other to death. You will bet money here and you can get a lot of strong chickens today. Face real players online now and increase your chickens to the maximum so that they can defeat a strong opponent now. There are many chickens to open like Manok Ni Sanpedro, Manok Ni Taguro and many more!

Chicken betting game

There are so many casual games that are fun and easy to play today. If you like these games, then you have to enjoy playing lots of games today that are easy to play. If you don’t know, chicken fights are old sports that allow two birds to fight each other to die for entertainment and gambling. Throughout the world, this sport is still popular, especially in Asia. This is a fun sport that allows you to bet with real money to many people.


But if you want to enjoy the sfightting without losing real money, you can download Manok Na Pula. This is a certified Sfightting game that you can enjoy today where you can unlock many types of birds! There are Manok Ni Sanpedro, Manok Na Pula, Manok Na Itiim, Manok Na Brown, Manok Na Puti, Robot Manok Na, Manok Ni Taguro and many more. Here, every bird has a unique attack power, cellphone, critical opportunity and armor that you can upgrade.

Enjoy today’s game modes like Campaing or online matches! There are also many different places that you can fight.

Manok Na Pula feature

If you are a Philippines, then you know what it is. This is an activity that many fathers have because they can be with big money. In Manok Na Pula, you can enjoy it too without risk.

The Best Komramat Game – There are many activities today that allow you to get money. Usually, you can find these things in the casino because people play poker, roulette, blackjack, big six wheels and more. But if you go to a different place, you will see that chicken fights are still a very popular activity similar to horse betting. Here, specially trained birds will be removed until someone can no longer fight. You can win money or lose by betting here.


But if you don’t want to lose real money, you have to play Manok Na Pula. Here, you can enjoy everything that exists for Sfighting but with many parodies today. Enjoy opening various types of birds such as Manok Ni Taguro, Manok Na as well, Manok Na Dilaw, Manok Na Itim, Manok Na Brown, Manok Na Mende, Manok Na Hubad and many more. Every bird can be increased today!

Game Mode – As you know, chicken intersection is a betting game that involves money in the real world. But here, you can play in various game modes today. There is a campaign mode where you will face many challenging enemies today so you can win a lot of money. Then, there are online matches that you can follow to fight against real players around the world! Enjoy your money bets from your efforts today and see if you can get out above. Of course, there is also a big risk of losing your money here!


Open the lock of a lot of birds – there are many types of birds available to be opened here in Manok Na Pula. This includes Robot Manok Na, Manok Na Pink, Manok Na Pula, Lechon Manok, Manok Na Itim, Manok Na Asul, Manok Na Samurai, Manok Ni Taguro and many more. Each of these birds has unique statistics that you can upgrade. There are strength of attacks, cellphones, critical opportunities and armor.

Different places – you can also fight in many interesting places in this game. There are ordinary spighting holes, mountains filled with lava, snowy mountains, space and many more. Here, you can fight in many places today and enjoy fighting against many strong opponents.


Improvement – You can also increase your chicken to increase their statistics here. You can enjoy increasing attacks, cellphones, defense, and many more today.

Manok Na Pula Also Mod Menu Apk 2022 – New Update, Max Level

If you enjoy the chicken intersection, download the new Manok Na update today! Bet a lot of money and win now.

What's new update

Added Manok na Kyubi
Added Manok na Bulkan
Added Manok na Marites
Added Manok ni Evo
Added Manok na Pink
Added 6 new places
Added 3 languages (english, thai, indonisia)
Remove Afk Penalty
Game balance and bug fixing
Bug fix on high defense chicken doesn't take enough hp damage.
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Mod Info

Menu mod:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited dragon eyes
  • Unlimited magic powder
  • Unlimited Exp
  • No ads
App Info
  • App Name Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer
  • Package Name com.tatay.manokNaPula
  • Publisher TATAY
  • Updated
  • Required Android 5+
  • Version 3.3
  • MOD Unlimited money and eye
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