Mod APK 1.4.4 (Unlimited money and gems) Mod APK 1.4.4 (Unlimited money and gems)
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Details about apk APK is an entry application for the highest zombie survival experience. You can experience the sensation of battle against zombie hordes that really want to drop you.

This game has many weapons & expertise that you can use for your benefits when trying to stay alive in this post-apocalyptic world. However, it will not walk in the park because zombies continue to increase in quantities when you advance through the game. Mod APK

You must be very strategic in your approach & utilize all the resources you want if you want to be a survivor. The graphics are pretty good & the gameplay is very smooth. Overall, is a good game for all zombie survival fans out there.

Super intense gameplay

This game requires you to be very alert & fast on your feet. Zombi can come towards you from all directions & you must be prepared for them. You must use all the weapons & skills you want to drop it.

The sensation that comes with every attack is unmatched. One minute you can be fine & the next minute you can be surrounded by zombie hordes. This uncertainty makes you stay on the edge of your chair throughout the game. Mod APK android

Fortunately, this game has a generous gift system. You will get a gift for every zombie you throw away. You can use this resource to buy new weapons, skills & armor. In this way, you can be better prepared for the next attack.

Unlimited weapons combo

This game allows you to make a weapon combo. This means you can use different weapons in combinations to create stronger effects. In this way, you can always have advantages above zombies.

There is an unlimited possibility in terms of creating a combo. You can experiment with different skills to see which is the most suitable together. This adds another layer of depth to the game & makes you engaged for hours.


Some weapons that you can try include katana, gatling, and kunai. Katana is a sword with a very sharp knife. This can easily record zombies.

Gatling is a machine gun that has a high level of fire. On the other hand, Kunai is a type of dagger that can be used to stab zombies.

If you combine these three weapons, you will create a strong synergy that will provide maximum damage to your enemy. This is the most definite way to go out above in this game.

Many skills to unlock

Besides weapons, you will have many skills to choose from. Each skill has a unique effect that can be used for your benefits.

You have to be careful to choose the skills you want to use because it can create or destroy your game. Some skills you can choose from include:

Forcefield device. This creates a protective layer around you who turn enemy attacks. All waves of surprises from enemy attacks will be weakened, giving you a better opportunity to survive.
Oil ties. This is a unique skill that increases your chances of getting gold (+8). You can use this gold to buy new weapons & skills.
Guardian. This is a skill that calls 2 Guardian Tops that rotates around you, giving you immunity against enemy attacks. In this way, you can be sure that you will not be easily reduced.


You can also combine these skills all you want, giving you many choices of customization. You will never be bored with all different possibilities.

There are no two matches the same

One of the best things about is that there are no two games. This map is procedurally produced, so you will never be bored.

Every time you play, you will be presented with new challenges. This keeps the game fresh & exciting.

Against a strong boss

Besides ordinary zombies, you will also face a strong boss. These bosses are far more difficult to defeat & they will make a difficult battle.

They have extraordinary strength & endurance. They will also attack you with strong skills that can easily drop you if you are not careful.

Fortunately, beating these bosses will give you big rewards. You will be able to get weapons & rare items that will help you in your struggle against zombies.

Simple 2d graph with high immersion guaranteed

Although this game displays a minimalist 2D graph, it doesn’t eliminate experience. The developers have succeeded in creating a high level of dyeing.

You will feel like you are really in the middle of the doomsday of the zombie. Voice & music is also perfect for regulating mood. You will be on the edge of your chair throughout the game. MOD APK Download

The MOD APK ALL UNLOCKED is a better game version. Everything is not locked from the start, so you can have the best weapons & skills immediately.

You will also get unlimited money. You can use this money to buy new weapons & skills. In this way, you will never worry about running out of money.

The MOD APK Android is the perfect way to experience a game. This will give you a better opportunity to survive the doomsday of the zombie. Get free download MOD APK Now & is the highest survivor!


Conclusion APK is a very good zombie survival game. This is a simple 2D graphic feature with a leading sound system. The high level of dyeing will keep you on the edge of your chair.

Maps produced procedurally ensure that each game is different from the last. This freshness is very addictive.

In addition, Mod Apk All Unlocked is the perfect way to experience a game. Appears with all features that are unlocked & unlimited.

What's new update

- Added 10 new chapters and chapter trials
- All-new accessories - Boomz Headphones and Drip Fashion.
- Newly added mission system to help you claim even more rewards!
- New skills: Durian and Laser Launcher.
- New talents: Viva la Materia and Overreaction.
- All-new Golden Piggy bank is now avaialble.
- Updated Growth Fund. More tiers, more choices!
- All-new End-of-Summer event that'll sweat you out! Coming 8th September!
- Other UX optimization
- Fixed known bugs
5/5 - (1 vote)
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  • Package Name com.dxx.firenow
  • Publisher Habby
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  • Required Android 5.0 and up
  • Version 1.4.4
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