Worms Zone Mod APK 4.0.0 (Unlimited Money, No Death)

Worms Zone Mod APK 4.0.0 (Unlimited Money, No Death)
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Worms Zone was developed by Azur’s casual game and took because this was one of the classic snake games Worms Zone Android MOD on Nokia phones from behind that day.

This game Worms Zone Mod APK manages its own refreshing style given the similarity shared with other games in the snake category. The main purpose of the worm zone is to make your worms bigger and bigger by consuming other worms and all snacks in it.

When you surround other worms, you will destroy it and it will leave traces of food such as hamburgers, candy, and other things that are definitely eaten by worms all the time. Of course, you want to make sure that you avoid crashing into other worms, if not, you will be a treat for them and you have to start your dominance again.

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Try to get the highest score and make your biggest worm from the group before it is inevitable to be picked out of the ground and used as a fisherman bait.

How to play worm zones

The game Worms Zone hack APK begins as a simple browser game for people who are bored at work or school to play in their download (or when they are supposed to work on important projects …). Since then it has been developed for mobile phones and has been a big hit since doing so.


Playing games Worms Zone Mod  on a cellphone is a little different from playing it on the desktop. You will have less control over your worm on a small screen than if you play on a PC, so it’s good remembering some tips and tricks to use the game as well as possible when you pamper yourself and not become food for other worms.

If you continue to eat all the other worms, then you will continue to be bigger and bigger and other worms will find it more difficult to defeat you. You will eat all the worms to be the biggest of the group – but be careful, one fake step and all your work will be meaningless, while other worms eat on your dead flesh. Follow these simple tips and tricks to ensure that you will not be a worm food.

Be sure to finish leftover food. When you crawl on the screen, you will continue to pay attention that other worms have devoured and what is in it is now left lying down so you eat. Make sure to do it, because this will make you bigger. Likewise, when you destroy other worms, make sure you eat all the food left behind. The bigger you, the easier you find the game. However, that does not mean that you don’t have to be careful with smaller worms.

Everyone can kill you. Don’t be fooled to think that because you are the biggest worm in the field that you cannot remove with other worms. If you do the wrong steps on smaller worms, they will still kill you – so be careful! Make sure you don’t run to the side of the worm because this will end your turn and make you nothing more than food for other worms.

Use boosts. Boost is very useful – they let you eat everything on your path. Make sure you use a boost when available because they will help you become bigger and they will take a moment to take some pressure because it is not dying from your shoulder.


Learn defense art. You try to circle other worms to kill them, so it makes sense that they will also try it on you. The best way to defend yourself against worms that attack is to place your body into a circle with your head in the middle. In this way, your opponents may have to reach your side, which will kill them and prevent you. This defensive maneuver is the most effective way not to be eaten when you are surrounded – but don’t use it unless you have to do it. You can end up playing the game of waiting and you never know how long Ai will wait.

Know when to run away. In some cases, larger worms will target you and you only need to run for it. While the defensive movement mentioned earlier is still standing, there are still some risks in doing so and maybe it’s better to escape and preserve your life. After you get a larger worm, you can return and challenge the enemy before.


Download Worms Zone Mod Apk – Unlimited Health, God Fashion

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What's new update

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And get ready for an exciting Photography Day event!
• New Photography Day event starts on August 19;
• Added new weekly offer for users;
• 3.8.0 Version bugs fixed;
• Performance improved.
We continue to work on exciting new features and updates, so stay tuned!
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Mod Info
  • Unlimited coins
  • All skins unlockable
  • No ads
App Info
  • App Name Worms Zone .io - Hungry Snake
  • Package Name com.wildspike.wormszone
  • Updated
  • Required Android 5.1 and up
  • Version 3.9.1
  • MOD Unlimited Money, No Death
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