YouTube Premium APK v17.36.42 (Premium Unlocked/Many More)

YouTube Premium APK v17.36.42 (Premium Unlocked/Many More)
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Youtube has been far from being a simple platform where people share videos with their friends. The videos not only unite people, but they also brought an indifferent smile to the faces of many people. Youtube continues to increase its features, services, tools, and components, showing us of its beautiful journey through video compilation every year. Youtube grows, and we grow with it, and now, everything we pursue is great. If you want to test the benefits of Youtube Premium, we are happy to present the Youtube Premium Mod APK that comes to you for free! We are sure you will like many things, so let us guide you like that like YouTube Rewind.


Youtube Premium Mod Apk features

Imagine this: You jump in the bathroom, and you have set a very good mood for the most relaxed time with yourself. You have made a fantastic playlist on YouTube, but soon after a few minutes passed, the phone considers you inactive, and it closes music. Of course, you can jump out of the bathroom and ruin experiences like your spa or even set the timer inactive a little longer. But the ideal solution is quite simple: videos played in the background. After a highly anticipated run and countless discussion forums about this problem, the developers on YouTube finally listened to their fans. Now, with YouTube Premium Mod Apk, you can unlock your device at a certain time and play the video to the end. Or, if you have set repeated features, playlist functions, or other playback options, the video streaming application supports you. As long as you have a stable connection and only enough batteries on your cellphone, you can listen for hours without disturbing the cold.

The background streaming feature can also be useful when you want to explore various applications on your mobile when listening to music. All you have to do is decide whether you can do multitask while doing so, and finally you will read the news with the side of pop music to relieve pain. Besides, we all deserve to get several types of relaxation, right?


No Ads

It’s not that we want to boast or anything, but you can finally give us a warm welcome to provide fantastic features that we entered in No. 2 Without a certain reason! However, we all know how annoying it is when everything you want to do is watch a simple 3 minute video, but it is disturbed by the most annoying advertisements in history. Not only that, but now, you have to go through a few compulsory seconds of this advertisement so you can miss it later. In an era where time is gold, we really cannot lose many things in the advertising break that we don’t really care about.

Direct streaming

One of the newest features that is not only premium users is happy to try is the direct streaming function. If you are part of a cult follower or just want to get the latest information with your favorite celebrity adventure, watching streaming directly they are clearly the main spotlight.
Many celebrities have jumped on this music train, and some of them even made a special series where they spoke and interact with their fans. With YouTube Premium Mod Apk, you can comment on your idol video and ask questions about what else. At least, that is your freedom, but whether they decide to fully reply up to them.


Youtube App

Facebook has famous news bait, while Instagram maintains a good explore page. Similar to them. YouTube Premium Mod Apk displays the discovery section where the application algorithm will try to show you random videos that you think are enjoying. If you spend too much time sulking on the old One Direction songs, you might be bombarded with Harry Styles.
Or, if you are a little obsessed with the latest BTS videos, YouTube will understand and show you more content that suits your interests. Online users of this application have reported that the discovery page on best Youtube premium free apk is very better and sometimes, they feel like that bring them. Happy to understand, even if it’s from the machine, right?


Watch offline Youtube Videos

Even though we live in a time where every place we visit is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, you can feel comfortable with the fact that YouTube Premium Mod Apk also gives you the opportunity to watch videos offline. But how does it work?
Yes, before you enjoy this feature, you must download the video first, which, can be understood, requires an internet connection. However, if you plan to go abroad or visit the Teduh camp where your cellular network does not work, it will help to download videos and watch it later to spend time. This is also very useful when you try to store unnecessary data, so this is a win-win situation but you see it.

In addition to giving you the ability to download, YouTube Premium APK is also equipped with several efficient organizing features that will help keep everything in its place. You can save the video that you want to watch later in a unique gallery, collection, or favorite bar, so you can feel easier when the time comes. Or, if you download the video and then forget all that, it will be a pleasant little surprise when you find your old self -desire.



Finally, we can say that, premium or not, YouTube premium code has gone through one of the most drastic changes that cannot even be thought of by similar platforms. With all the progress that has been made, it can be understood that some features are labeled premium. But, with our Youtube Premium Mod APK, you will enjoy everything for free. Download Youtube premium mod apk latest version now.


What's new update

For new features, look for in-product education & notifications sharing the feature and how to use it!
5/5 - (2 votes)
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5 ( 2 )
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Mod Info

First install MicroG then Yotube Apk.

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Removed All Ads
  • Background Playback
  • Force HDR Mode
  • Override Max Resolution
  • Casting Toggle
  • Picture-in-Picture Video
  • Change preferred video quality on mobile and Wi-Fi
  • Override the maximum device video resolution.
  • Change the preferred video speed.
  • Override the default codec.
  • Enable the hiding of Home ads (experimental feature).
  • Disable YouTube Stories.
  • Disable End Cards.
  • Disable Info Card buttons.
  • Disable branding watermark.
  • Disable the cast button.
  • Enable tablet mini player.
  • Enable comments location.
  • Enable the Home search bar.
  • Enable dark theme.
  • Enable automatic repeat.
  • Disable full HDR brightness.
  • Enable experimental player.
  • Enable swipe controls for brightness and volume.
App Info
  • App Name YouTube
  • Package Name
  • Publisher Google LLC
  • Updated
  • Required Android 8.0 and up
  • Version 17.35.34
  • MOD Premium Unlocked/Many More
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